Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jesus Paid It All

 Isaiah 53:5

But He was pierced through for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; The chastening for our well-being {fell} upon Him, And by His scourging we are healed. (NASV)

When I started this blog, my first thought for a title was, In My Silent Retreat. As time went on I discovered that, although, a lot of things take place in a silent retreat with Jesus; if he had not done what he did on the cross I would not be doing what I'm doing. At first I used the image, Jesus Paid it All, but it never occurred to me that it would be the title of my blog.

Last Easter I spent a lot of time thinking about Jesus carrying the cross, and what kind of love that must be. The only thing that keeps coming to mind is a soldier, fighting a war for his country. Then God gave it to me. We are all soldiers: fighting for our souls. God gives us a freedom, and when we turn to him Satan is always trying us. At first I didn't know how to fight. I was a baby christian. It came to me, Jesus already paid. I just need to hang out with him. 

This last month I celebrated his birthday early. Everyday I posted something concerning Mary. From her visitation with the angle Gabriel to the birth of Jesus.  I learned something from Mary. Patience is important when giving birth to something. Regardless of what people say about you, stay loyal to God. Mary knew she was giving birth to the one who would one day walk mankind through all obstacles.  So when I'm giving birth to something I hang out with the one who paid it all. He gets me through it.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

This was a different kind of christmas for me. I didn't recieve a lot of gifts. I did recieve some and no matter how big or small; they were nice. This year was all about Jesus, and Giving. I though about one of my favorite bible verses.

All the way up to Christmas I concentrated on Mary. I thought about all she went though. I thought about her faith. Joseph was about to put her away, but she stood faithful to God. She didn't have all the comforts that are alloted to most women giving birth. Yet she pondered things in her heart. I found myself pondering things in my heart. Guess what, I may never be comfortable. I wasn't comfortable when I truly found Jesus. I stood on his words and I had what I needed. One of which was love thy neighbor. People aren't always lovable, but it's all in learning to give.

I spent this Christmas with a couple that isn't able to get around much anymore. We prepared a nice dinner and opened presents. They enjoyed watching the game, a bible story on the history channel, and talking.  It was nice to get away from things and give of myself. In my pondering, I really found the meaning of Christmas. Give something good. God gave his only begotten son. I could never stand up to that, but I can celebrate it with people who would otherwise be alone. It's not that they have no one. It's just that this time of year everyone is spreading themselves thin. They have their primary family and extended family. By the time a person reaches 90 years old, you become an extendion of the family. They see their families on Christmas eve or a couple days before. This was the best Christmas ever, because the best present is giving, What is better then giving of yourself. After all Jesus gave himself.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Taking Time Out to Thank God.

It all started December 4, I hurried to get my hair and nails done for the christmas party, at church sunday. I looked around me and everyone was in a hurry, too. As I got ready to go the temperature dropped. This is what I woke up to on thursday.

We turned on the television, only to hear that some had lost power-no heat, lights, etc. I started to pray and thank God for all I had. I still had lights, heat, etc.  St. Schlastica Retreat Center could probably take in quite a few families if need be. Then I started to notice; no one was complaining. No one I talked to, no one on television. Those who believed probably prayed for those who didn't believe, as well as for themselves. All of a sudden I started to see God grace. My friend has a tree branch come through her roof.  She never complained. She likes to write her prayers out, and that is what she spent the day doing.  Another lady lived about 45 miles away.  Just about the whole town had lost power. When she called back she was sad, but she never complained.
My Grandmother use to say children should be trained in the way they should go. She believed that if they strayed, they would return. All the people i'm talking about, never once complained. Whether they lost hours at work or had to do doubles; never complained. They all called on Jesus. I was stuck in the house for 4 days. I had plenty of time to reflect. What God showed me was in times like this, people find him and they are able to put their feelings aside and find each other. Thank Jesus for once again another insight. Now, the weatherman said we would get more snow tonight. I can't help but wonder what God is going to show me this time.