Sunday, March 9, 2014

God's Bucket List

The inspiration for this book came when Teresa Tomeo was shopping one day and heard two ladies talking about a list of things they would like to do.  She had seen the movie Bucket List and had reached a high level of success in her life.  In the mist of her success she had almost lost everything. To top it all off she had put her career in front of her relationship with God and her marriage. After being let go from her job in the media after twenty years, and not understanding why: she began to do some soul searching.  She thought what if, God had a bucket list consisting of the way he wanted us to live before we die.

This book is based on that what if question. It is about her and her struggles as she tries to figure out what God may want for her before she dies.  She uses her gift for story telling to explore this notion of God’s Bucket List.  She explains that she did have a list in life of things she wanted to achieve and she was pretty successful with all of it.  While gaining everything on this list she almost lost everything that mattered to her.  After losing her job she had a lot of time on her hands. During this time her husband had gone back to church, and God use him to reach Tomeo.  She began to realize that God already designed a bucket list that was individually unique, but the same plan for everyone.  She learned this meant putting God first.   Tomeo discovered that God does have the whole world in his hands and wants to give it to us, but it would to be on his terms.  Once all of this is realized we can enter into God’s bucket list.   In this book Tomeo tries to picture how God would apply such a list.